LOC eSuite

Specialty Retail

FCG’s retail solution is especially adaptable to specialty retail environments. FCG’s retail solution is flexible in its programming for distinctive applications. Expansive inventory requirements, gift cards and secure credit card processing are considered standard. All supported by FCG industry professionals.



 SMS eSuite is the next generation solution from LOC Software designed to make transactions more manageable, more profitable and more frequent for regional and national grocery retailers. The new design delivers role driven applications capable of serving stores, serving web, serving mobile - unifying front end, back office, headquarters, personnel and customers - all seamlessly accessing data wherever and whenever it’s needed, from any device. 


The Technology

Like the rest of the SMS, architecture is just as important as the sales and service benefits. Providing investment protection and the latest technology has to offer is a balance, yet with a foundation built upon HTML5 and JavaScript, SMS offers ideal stability. Our e-commerce and app engines are browser independent, allowing your e-storefront, your app, or both to be utilized on any device regardless of size, shape, or operating system. Best of all, these new touch-points are managed from one system, via the exact same interface your staff uses to maintain in-store items. There is no importing, no exporting, no interacting with third parties. The flow is seamless and can be managed entirely in-house. eSuite helps make your possibilities endless. 


 In-store. Online. In-app. Any platform. That’s modern retailing. That’s SMS.