FCG's Staging Services

FCG's Staging Services are a premier offering within our managed services product line. The services consist of:

Gold Image Creation

Consistency in deployments creates stable platforms for successful solutions. Our team can turn client tested specifications into a reproducible gold image for staging and deployment.


Gold Image Management

Proper management and tracking of images and versions, allows support and development organization to easily branch code and solutions in the field. FCG follows industry standard change control, versioning each Image, creating release notes, and securely storing the image our secured off-site Data Center.


Solution Staging

Properly tested and configured solutions prevent wasted time and money during deployments. FCG has over a decade of staging deployments as large as 200-300 terminals per week, and as small as 2 or 3 a month over a 3 year period. 

  • Custom Configuration – Every solution has different levels of customization per deployment. Our team works with the client to create staging solution that work for their deployment and end users.
  • Component Labeling & Packaging – Each component is labeled and packaged ready for an installer to implement. Well labeled comments and installation instructions speed up installations and prevents mistakes.
  • System Testing & Validation – We work closely with our clients to create real world testing in our labs, allowing us to deliver configured and tested solutions.