FCG's Helpdesk Services

Call Center Services

FCG provides Call Center Services organizations large and small alike. FCG historically filled the niche of providing call center services that require customized support and high availability.

  • Traditional Helpdesk Levels 1, 2, & 3 – FCG can provide the standard break fix helpdesk providing levels 1,2,3.


  • Command Center Services – Generally used for deployments; A command center provides staff that is prepared to quickly troubleshoot an installation or GO-LIVE event. The command center representative addresses the installation and GO-LIVE issues. This allows for the fastest level of support for the site allowing a smooth operation. 


  • Temporary Call Centers – Often organizations need to deploy a new system (Hardware, Software, or Service). Having a temporary helpdesk dedicated to the new solution, takes the pressure off of the internal corporate Helpdesk. The temporary helpdesk also provides address support and success to the new solution being deployed. In many cases the client will keep the FCG Temporary helpdesk and convert our service to a Traditional Helpdesk.


  • Tiger Team- The Tiger Team approach is used for mission critical solutions that operate in high availability environments, such as hospitals, high volume retail and food service. The way the Tiger Team approach works is FCG assembles a cross platform team. Each member of the team can handle staging, installation, and helpdesk support of the solution. The purpose behind this methodology is you don’t have just an installer on-site, you have a resource that can stage any support any issue present on-site for quick problem resolution.


  • Vendor Management- FCG works with third party vendors on a daily basis. On our clients behalf we approve, schedule, and deploy vendors to your locations making sure proper contacts and communications are made. All transactions are documented and reported to the clients management team on a monthly basis.


  • HDI Certified – FCG certifies all helpdesk representatives with HDI, the leading organization dedicated to elevating service and support across the enterprise.